Thursday, January 14, 2010

200 NICE checks for only $5.05!

I just got the BEST deal on some suh-weet checks! We are HUGE Three Stooges fans in our house (nyuk, nyuk, nyuk!) and I was able to score 2 boxes of Three Stooges checks (duplicates free!) for only $5.05, and shipping is FREE!!!!!
Well, is offering 2 boxes of checks plus free shipping for only $4.05 when you use coupon code DE0378. This is for first time customers only. Each box has four books and each book has 25 checks, so that is 200 checks total. Offer expires 12/31/10.

This is really easy to do...Click HERE and select the style you want.
Create the checks and add to cart, make sure to not select any of the extras. On step 2 you will enter coupon code DE0378 and you will see the $4.05 price. Make sure to SELECT "NO" TWICE TO EZSHEILD on the page where you enter the coupon code.
My hubby is going to be SUPER surprised to see these in his checkbook! (shh...don't tell him, I'm just going to surprise him and put them in there when they come in! he..he...)

For the record, I did check the Better Business Bureau on this company and they have an A+ rating and I have read MANY great reviews!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Book Review: The Gospel According to Lost


I have watched every episode of Lost since the very beginning. This book just really digs down deep into each character's soul. Each chapter is focused on a different character(s). The layout of the book makes it a very easy read. It's amazing how the author is able to find all of the similarities to the Lost characters to Biblical characters. I never thought this before, but I really do think that the creators of Lost either A. Are Christians or B. Had a Christian do some serious Biblical research to base this tv series on. You could easily use this book as a Bible Study series. One chapter each week. I'm so sad the book is over. My only complaint is that it wasn't long enough!

Note: I am a book reviewer for Thomas Nelson and they sent this book to me for my review to post on here. I would have totally paid the full price for this book, though! Definitely a must have for any Lost fan!