Thursday, December 30, 2010

"Oh yea?" Well, it says so in the Bible!"

I review for BookSneeze
I LOVE it when I can have a good debate with someone about the Bible and then have an immediate reference to back up whatever it is I am talking about. Nothing is more frustrating than knowing that the Bible says one thing, then not remember where it is in the Bible!
Well, this awesome book "Nelson's Biblical Cyclopedic Index" is just choc-ful of amazing references, definitions and where to find anything you need to know about in the Bible! It also has the definitions of any Biblical word that may confuse you. Not to mention this book also includes genealogical references and more! If you are a pastor of a church, or just a "Bible nerd" (like me!) , this book is PERFECT for you! There are just too many references to mention here, but for the price, I would say it is highly worth the money!!

Click the following link to buy it on Amazon!