Monday, April 4, 2011

Book Review of The Truth About Love,Dating & Just Being Friends

I remember those weird, awkward teenage years when I "liked" a guy and I wasn't sure if he liked me back. Now that I have a teenage daughter (I can't believe I am saying that, but it's true!), I have been searching and searching for an APPROPRIATE book for her so that she will not feel those weird awkward feelings like I did. Or, at the very least, perhaps she can understand those feelings and know that she is not alone.

Well, I found this book and I absolutely LOVE it! She did too! I read it first, cover to cover. It is totally age appropriate and puts a humorous spin on the whole idea of "liking" a guy. Since my daughter is a very comical gal, she really enjoyed the book as well. Not only does it give sound advice, but it also put things into perspective as far as the Christian point of view and how we as Christians should react in such situations.
I definitely give this book a BIG thumbs up to anyone who has a teenage daughter (mine is 13, so it is definitely "safe").
It is a great read for mothers to read with their daughters as well. It helps alleviate those awkard "talks" :)