Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Book Review: The Quotable Rogue

Okay, so I consider myself a conservative Christian American Woman and a pretty big fan of Sarah Palin. My husband and I have been one of her supporters from the beginning!   I read "Going Rouge" when it came out and it made me love her that much more!  

After reading her next book,  "Quotable Rogue" I am convinced she would - hands down- be one of the best leaders this country has ever seen. Even though "Going Rouge" was written in "her own words" through a ghost writer, the book still had an unreal almost fiction quality to it, which is the way that a lot of people have felt about Sarah Palin herself. To be honest, at times, she has seemed a little too unreal, almost fiction to me as well. A lot of times, the media really shoves in our faces the repeatable "sound-bites" of her speeches in an effort to make people not like her.

In this book, Sarah Palin really and truly clarifies exactly where she stands on the issues. And without all of the media hubub, I think a lot of people will find a new reason to like her.The book really makes me proud that I have stood by her side all along. I agree with most of her points and stands on the issues.  I strongly suggest this book for the conservative whose had doubts about Sarah Palin, you might be surprised at how real she really is!

I was given this book for free by Thomas Nelson Publishers in exchange for an honest, not necessarily positive review.