Monday, August 3, 2009

Getting spoiled w/school supplies!

You KNOW your getting spoiled with great deals on school supplies when your child asks you to buy them some highlighters and they are "on sale" for $1 and you say "That's Expensive....I can get that at Walgreens for .29 cents"!
I am seriously stockpiling school supplies over here! Yesterday, I went to Office Max and my daughter and I each had a transacation.
Each transaction:
3 rulers (0.1 cents each)
3 packs of wide ruled filler paper (.10 cents each)
6 folders (.25 cents each)
3 packs of 12. count #2 pencils (.10 cents each)
2 composition books (.50 cents each)
Grand total: $3.13!

Now, obviously she is not going to need 6 rulers and all of these composition books we have been stocking up on lately. Remember, local churches and charity groups LOVE school supply donations! Our church is currently hosting a school supply drive for the inner city children of Richmond. Whenever I see a great sale like this, I stock up and donate! The same goes for food! So, if you see something that is on sale at an unbelievable price, be sure to pass the savings on to someone in need!
I plan on going back a few times this week to get more stuff for our church!