Thursday, October 15, 2009

Some Great new Free Deals!

As you know, my FAVORITE 4 letter word is F-R-E-E!
I don't post on here 24/7 because just about all the deals are the same on every money-saving website. What I try to post on here, are deals that I find that are not typically on other sites. (unless it's something absolutely fantastic, like the Amelia Earhart tickets!)
So, here is what I have found:


Free Digilake coffee cup- really cool mug with slots in the handle for your spoon! Click HERE to enter your information!


Free Reynolds Pastry box set- You do need to purchase Reynolds parchment paper, aluminum foil & baking cups in one transaction, then print off the form and mail in your receipt, along with the UPC's, BUT it is a really cute set and with all of the Reynolds coupons out there, I think it's definitely worth the effort! Click HERE to get to the order form!


Free Breast Cancer Awareness gel bracelet- You just need to fill out the form. That's it! My daughter LOVES these bracelets and we are HUGE supporters of Breast Cancer, so this is a great way to spread breast cancer awareness! Click HERE to request your bracelet!


Alright. This one is a bit on the cheesy side, but hey, it's on Halloween, so you can get away with it! Dress like a burrito on Oct. 31st and go to your nearest Chipotle restaurant and claim your FREE burrito! I've never done this before, but from what I am hearing, you can even just wrap your finger in aluminum foil and they will give you one. Of course, if you want to go all out, you can wrap your entire self in aluminum foil! That would make some GREAT Kodak moments!


Leah said...

Yours is the only Bargain Blog I follow... is there another you recommend that has the ones that you said are on every bargain blog? Thanks! I need to start my holiday shopping and would love to save some $ in the process :)