Monday, July 20, 2009


Mimis cafe

Right now if you sign up for Mimi's Cafe emails, they will email you a coupon good for one free breakfast! The best part is, you can use more than one coupon per table! So, if you have an email and your spouse has an email, you BOTH will get free breakfast! I hear their food is amazing and I'm really looking forward to eating there this week!
Click HERE to find a Mimi's Cafe near you and sign up for their emails!


Leah said...

My mom was in town this weekend so I printed her and me the free coupons for signing up! (here's a tip, once you get the e-mail it's not protected and you can enter any name!) and we took Gav. For all of us to eat and the tip was only $6!!! I almost felt guilty lol! But it was awesome and Mimi's is my favorite. They have had them in NC for a while and I love it! Yummy muffins!!!

Bargain Noble said...

We went there yesterday and all ate for free! Since my hubby, my daughter and myself all have different emails, we each printed one and ate for free! The waitress was like "You saved $27.00 today!" Woohoo!!!