Monday, July 6, 2009

FREE Pint of Starbucks Ice Cream!


If you aren't a member of Facebook, now is a good time to join!
Right now, if you become a friend of Starbucks, they are giving away 800 pints of ice cream every hour! You have to click here to get yours! Be sure to refresh the coupon giveaway RIGHT after a new hour begins!
I got mine this morning at 9:00:05!

Also, did anyone get their Taco Bell checks last week!? I got the two that won! Woohoo! $50 in my pocket!
I am LOVING the free money!
Also, Swagbucks is now allowing you to cash in your Swagbucks to Paypal! For every 80 Swagbucks, that equals $5 cash in Paypal!


SuzyQpon said...

Did you already get the coupon? I emailed it to my 2nd email address and have yet to get it even though I got a confirmation that I was one of the 1st 800.

Leah said...

I received my coupon in the mail last week. I took it to Lowe's Foods in NC this week and they had the new Starbucks ice cream pints as buy one get one free. I only took one and asked the cashier to take a look at my coupon and let me know if I could only have one for free... or because it was buy one get one free I could have 2!? He looked and said that because I only got one it would be 1/2 price so I could go get the 2nd and get 2 for free! YAYAY so of course I ran right over and got my 2nd!