Tuesday, May 19, 2009

$1 Flip Flops at Old Navy and more!

This Saturday, you will be able to buy Old Navy flip flops for a mere $1! I think they are normally $5, so it's a good deal! Hopefully you can grab a high dollar coupon from OldNavyWeekly.com and pair it up! The flip flop deal is only available Saturday, so get there early!
If your in Richmond and you go the Old Navy at Willow Lawn, you can head across the street either before or afterwards and go to Krispy Kreme and get your dozen donuts for .99 cents! Woohoo!

Also, for you Richmonder's, there are a couple of local websites that you can go to and get some great deals!

There's nothing REALLY exciting on there right now, but what is not exciting for me, may be exciting for you! So, go check it out!


Leah said...

Toni you are the greatest! Just this week I had been talking about going to ON this weekend to get Gav some summer clothes. I was excited about the $1 flip-flops for myself and I got a good coupon on your site so now I can get even more things! Thanks!!!