Monday, May 4, 2009

Bargain Noble featured on Hip2save!

I have been a big fan of the blog Hip2Save for quite sometime. In fact, it was that website that inspired me to start my own right here in the Richmond Region!
I am so excited to bring you the best grocery deals at Ukrops and Kroger.
I am going to both places today to check out the clearance deals as well as deals that can not be passed up!
What I CAN tell you right now are some everyday bargains you can scour at each store:


Every morning from 7am - 9am, Ukrops has a "thrift" section in the back of the store on top of the frozen turkeys, meats...etc. They take ALL of their items in their store that are expiring soon and place them in trays on top of these meats. You can get NICE grilling steaks, veggie dips, sandwiches, lunch meat....just about anything for 33% off!
Also, next to this section you will see a few grocery carts FULL of other items marked 33% off. These items would include deodorant, hair products, baby products...etc. Additionally, they usually have a couple of carts for all of their bakery items such as cupcakes, cakes, donuts...etc. These are great to pick up on your way to work to or if you have a last minute function at school and you forgot to bring an item! ALL at 33% off!
To make these deals even sweeter, bring your own bag and they will give you .05 cents off per bag on your grocery bill.
Make sure you scan your UVC card every time you go, because you can save pretty big on gas!

Kroger Logo

Kroger also has a clearance section. Typically, this section is either right when you walk in the store, or near the check out counter. I have gotten Little Swimmers for only .50 cents there before! (Marked down to $2, then I had a $1.50 coupon).
Also, Kroger DOUBLES coupons up to .50 cents every day! This means that if you have a .50 cents coupon, it will be worth $1!
Be sure to update your Kroger card because they will send you a personalized booklet of high value coupons each month! Many of these coupons are just for free items! I have gotten free grape tomatoes, free soda, juice, grapes...etc. Definitely worth the 1 minute it would take to update your card!
Like Ukrops, be sure to scan your Kroger Plus Card every time because you save .10 per gallon at their gas stations!

Well, that's all for now. I am busy finding you deals and I'll report back in a couple of hours with what I find!
If you find any other deals, let me know in my comments section!