Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Kroger and Target today....

I'm going to be really quick here and post some of my "finds" at both Kroger and Target.
First up, Kroger:

Airwick Freshmatic mini (reg. price is $13)
On sale this week for $4.99
Had 2 ($4) coupons and got two for .99 cents each!

Loreal Vive shampoo & conditioner (reg. price is $3.69 ea.)
On sale this week for b1g1
Had 2 ($1 off any Loreal Vive shampoo or conditioner)
Got both shampoo and conditioner for .85 cents each!

Betty Crocker decorative frostings
Normally $3.65 each
On sale this week for .54 cents each! No coupons, either!
I decided on red and blue and I can use them to decorate cookies for Memorial Day!

Next up, Target:

2 travel size purell hand sanitizer (reg. .97 cents each)
Had $2 off any two purell products
Got both for free!

2 Johnson Bath Buddies soaps (reg. .99 cents each)
Had two ($1) off any Johnson's bath product
Got both for free!

2 Kraft Easy Mac's (reg. .87 cents each)
Had B1G1 coupon
Got both for .87 cents!

Ritz Crackers (reg. price $2.50, on sale this week for $2)
Had $1.00 off any Ritz cracker product
Only cost $1!

Nabisco 100 calorie packs (reg. $2.69- on sale this week for $$1.99)
Had $1.00 of coupon
Only cost $1!

Hello Kitty Band Aids (reg. price $2.49- on sale for $1.89)
Had $1.00 off coupon
Only cost .89 cents!

Target brand cleaning sponges (.99 cents each)
Had $.75 cents off coupon
Cost was .24 cents!

Quaker True Delights ($2.50)
Had $1 Target coupon & $1 manufacture's coupon
Only cost .50 cents!

Gigantic Pace Picante Salsa (on sale this week $2)
Used the $4 coupon I won from
Cost was FREE plus $2 overage!

Not pictured - (got hungry in the car on the way home!):
Quaker Granola Bites (.69 cents each)
Had $1 off any Quaker Granola Bites coupon
Cost was FREE plus overage!

I get most of my coupons by purchasing two papers every Sunday.
For Target, you can combine Target store coupons and manufacture's coupons. You can access all of the Target coupons here.