Saturday, May 2, 2009

Old Navy: Are their employees honest??

This is one of those things that makes you go "hmmmmmm..."
As you may have read in my earlier post that the Old Navy coupons were gone before I could get one. Well, I have been doing a ton of research and I am finding out that the $75 off of $100 coupons were GONE in the first minute after the coupons were available! Now, you have to wait at least 5 minutes for the site to reload before getting another coupon. So, how is it possible that some sellers on Ebay are in posession of 6, 7, 9 of these coupons? Not to mention that if you read their feedback, they are repeat offenders of this deal. Don't believe me? Look up these sellers on Ebay and look at the items (and quantity of them) they are selling and look at their feedback:

So, something smells rotten and I am doing something about it. I have called the Old Navy number and spoke to a supervisor AND I have reported them to the Better Business Bureau. These people that are selling these coupons HAVE some connection to Old Navy. Whether it's because they work there or perhaps maybe their brother works there.....either way, it's wrong.
The sooner more people complain, the better for all of us that want to obtain the coupons the LEGAL way.
If you want to help do something about this problem, call
1-800-OLD-NAVY and ask for their consumer affairs dept.
Then, log on to
This is the Better Business Bureau where the Old Navy HQ is located at.
Not only that, but also email Old Navy at

Let your voice be heard!