Friday, May 29, 2009

Favorite Things Friday

This is a new segment I am adding here on Bargain Noble. Every Friday I will be posting about some of my favorite (and economical) things!
First up.....

FABULOSO! I get this in the purple lavender scent and aside from it smelling Soooooo good and clean, it does a FABULOUS job of cleaning my floor! Better yet, it is also a multi-use cleaner, which means I can use it on my kitchen counter, table, sinks....etc.! It is VERY inexpensive and there are always coupons in the paper for it!

Next up....

Target Fruit Snacks! These things are DELICIOUS! They are SO much better than the name brand! They are fruity, soft and chewy! They are at Target for just $1.24 per box! Oftentimes, Target will have a coupon good for any Market Pantry item.....don't hesitate to use them on these babies next time! Two thumbs up!

And lastly......

Victoria's Secret Coconut Craze! I do believe my "it" scent for the summer is coconut! I have this in the lotion and the spray and I love it! Right now, Victoria's Secret has a sale, 3 for $25! It's definitely worth the price, though!