Thursday, May 21, 2009

It's that time of week again!

Photobucket here we come!

UPDATE: Here are the secret locations of the coupons this week:

In video, 9 seconds in, click on the flip flop sign for $15/75

click lotion blonde in green bathing suit is wearing for $5/50

Put head on boy for $10/50

Pick up green bucket, fill with water from the square with girl in purple dress, dump on family in the next square with goggles until screen fills up for $60/100

Take spray can from girl in purple dress and spray girl with purple bikini twice for $45/100

Place orange bag in left hand of girl in purple dress for $20/100

It's currently 9:45am EST and the website has been "loading" since around 8am (at least).
This usually means that they are updating the site for the next round of coupons!
Keep checking back there throughout the day! Also, stay tuned to the Supermodelquin channel on Youtube as they typically load videos on there, which oftentimes provide clues to where the coupons are hidden on the website :)
Happy hunting and as soon as I find out when the site has been updated, I'll post it all on here!


Looking4Deals said...

Thanks for the hints. I hope you got there on time, I was too late.
Oh well, maybe they will refresh again in the middle of the week like last time