Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Eaaaasssssyy Money......

I know there are a lot of various "survey" programs out there and such. To be honest, with two kids, a part-time job, volunteer duties...etc. I don't have time to take surveys all day long!
There is this really great program calls "Inbox Dollars". They send you emails and ALL YOU HAVE TO DO OPEN THEM! How great is that? No survey or anything! Depending on the email, mine vary from just a few cents to $1 per email and I get about 5-6 emails a day!
When your total reaches $30, they send you a check in the mail!
This is not a scam or some program to put "Spam" in your box. This is Bargain Noble tested and approved!
Of course, if you want to do surveys, you can and they will pay you. The choice is totally yours.
Right now, for fans of Bargain Noble, you can sign up and automatically earn $5, just for signing up!
Click the banner below to start earning EASY money today :)


Tasha said...

When you open the email it will say "view this paid email message". So I just click on it and let it open and that's it????


SuzyQpon said...

Thanks. I have been looking for an opportunity like this. I used your referral link!

Bargain Noble said...

Yes, that is it! That is ALL you have to do! Now, some of the emails, when you click on the "view this paid email message", it will open another window for the actual message and you just need to look to see if it says on that screen "click here to confirm this paid email" and just click it and then close out!
It's so stinkin' easy!

Bargain Noble said...

Thanks, SuzyQ!