Saturday, June 27, 2009

What a sweet book!

I LOVE being a Thomas Nelson book reviewer! This is the first book I received to review and it
was just such a joy to read to my son!
The name of this book is "The I Believe Bunny".
The quality of the book is top notch! Very sturdy!
I love that in the beginning, the book starts off with a Bible verse that is pertinent to the story your about to read.
In this book, the I Believe Bunny finds a small mouse caught in a river and asks for God's help in giving him the strength and courage to rescue the mouse from the river.
I'm not going to give the story are going to have to out and purchase one for yourself to find out what happens :)
For a mere price of $9.99, it's definitely worth it! I'm going to be buying other books in this series!
The book has a "Cat in the Hat" feel to it when you are reading it. I guess that is because the author currently also writes for current Dr. Suess books! That is what I call genious!
Go out and pick up your copy today!