Tuesday, June 2, 2009

KMart Doubles in Richmond??!!!

I just called the K-Mart 800 number and they said that Richmond IS participating in this upcoming week's SUPER DOUBLE COUPONS!
If she WAS indeed telling me the truth....this means MASSIVE savings for us here in Richmond! The last time they doubled any kind of coupons at the Kmarts here was around 9 months ago!
I can't wait to pull up the weekly ad tomorrow evening and see if she was telling the truth!!!!
I'll keep you updated!!!


SuzyQpon said...

Thanks for checking into this! I too have disappointed by Kmart not participating in the double coupons. Although how will I find time to get to yet another store? :)

Rebecca said...

Is there double coupons better than Kroger? I've never been a big fan of the KMart on Glenside.