Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Old Navy will update any time! + $2 tanks this Sat!

AHHH!!!!! Stop the insanity!
My sources say that will update prior to Sunday! Not only that, but ON is offering up their womens tanks this Saturday for $2 a piece!
I sure hope this isn't going to be like the Saturday that flip flops were a $1. People went CRAZY!

Here is what the M80 site had to say:
You all have become quite the professional coupon hunters—so we’ve got a few tricks up our stylish sleeves this week.
We know you’ve discovered that the expiration dates on the coupons are a giveaway for when the site launches the following week. But not this time! We’re going to keep you on your pretty little toes. So, print out any coupons you’ve already found and be ready to begin hunting for more fab $75 coupons at any moment this week.
Good luck!


Together We Save said...

Oh I wish I caould get to an Old Navy sat. What a deal.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bargain Noble!
I LOVE your site! I am so addicted!